Welcome to Vinoba Seva Pratisthan

Vinoba Seva Pratisthan is an association of people and communities who carry a Gandhian Philosophy in life and action, has been formed and inspired by the pragmatic and humanistic work-ethics and values of Mahatma Gandhi and his number one disciple Vinoba Bhave .The organization is a common platform for the like-minded people to work together for human development.

Vision: VSP envisions a just and equitable society based on self-reliance, social well-being and sustainable development following the Gandhian and Sarvodaya principles.

Mission: VSP keeps going to people, organize and carry forward the Gandhian way of life, working for a convergence of multiple development initiatives aiming to improve the socio-economic condition of the poor people; bringing together the value oriented individuals & groups to work collectively for promotion of alternative development models; and Inspiring and involving young leadership for effective management of human resources to address developmental needs.

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